Our professionally organized campaign helps you easily raise funds. We take pride in offering a wide variety of high quality-reasonably priced items along with an exceptional customer service experience.

Set Students Up For Fundraising Success!

Raising funds is an important step in providing students with the opportunity to succeed in the classroom and beyond. School and sports budgets are tight and providing resources for learning, sports, and other extracurricular activities often means raising money on your own.

Tri-C Distributors makes the process easy. Choose your catalog and sale dates, distribute the prepackaged sales packets, and collect the orders. We handle the rest including data entry, packaging, delivery and detailed sales reports. We even provide a selection of prizes and incentives to encourage students and families to take part.

You’ll see the proceeds and we’ll see to it that the logistics and organizational aspects are handled so you can focus on what matters most – supporting the students and staff’s success.


Fundraising Catalogs

Check out a few of the many catalogs we have to offer to easily raise funds. Our selection included hundreds of items that range from food and flower bulbs to candles and sports themed items. Why choose one just a single product type when you can offer a wide variety that has something for everyone?

Home for the Holidays

Gourmet Popcorn

Holiday Canning Jar Candles

Nature in Bloom

Big Time Snackin’
Canning Jar Candles

Art in Nature

Homemade Gourmet

Custom Drinkware

Wisconsin Country

Chocolate Masterpieces

Spring Splendor

Prizes & Incentives

We provide everything you need to motivate your group and help you achieve your fundraising goals. Check out our accumulative prize program and incentives which are designed to encourage participation and increase sales. Prizes start for selling just 1 item, the more items a student sells, the more prizes they can earn. In addition, we offer class parties, teacher gifts, limo lunch rides, raffle prizes and so much more.

Fall 2024 Rockin’ Prizes
Raffle – 1 in 5 Chance to Win!

Mochi Collectible

Fundraiser Packets

Raffle – Kalahari Overnight Stay

Raffle – 1 in 10 Chance to Win!
Top Seller Prizes
Top Selling Classroom Prizes

Limo Lunch Ride

School-Wide Event Ideas

Why Choose Tri-C For Your Fundraiser?

We Also Provide:

With over 40 years of experience, we provide you with all the resources necessary to make your fundraiser campaign success.  We are committed to providing a professionally organized, hassle-free, program from start to finish.

Fundraising Catalogs

Customized Newsletter

Prize Programs & Incentives

Pre-Assembled Sales Materials

Sale Kickoff Presentation

Print and Digital Marketing Material

In-House Data Entry

Detailed Sales Reports

Orders Packed Per Student

School/Home Delivery

“Tri-C is the most organized and easy to work with company we have ever dealt with. Their customer service is impeccable and they always respond quickly. We would highly recommend them!”

Nikki B, Fundraiser Chairperson, Parent Group President

Start Fundraising Today!

Have an upcoming event or activity your school or group needs to raise money for? Connect with us and get started toward achieving your fundraising goals!

We Also Offer…

We’re proud to not only offer great fundraising programs, but other products and services for your school or organization.

Holiday Shops

Holiday shops offer fun, affordable gifts students can buy for family and friends.

Specialty Advertising

Promote and represent your organization with customizable products and wearables.